Amaryllis: A Journey

Amaryllis Sketch with my last amaryllis and new book Botany for the Artist.

Amaryllis Sketch with my last amaryllis and new book Botany for the Artist.


For the past several years, I have been planting Amaryllis in the winter after Christmas. This year I was a little late planting three of them. My plants really weren’t doing much in the beginning , making me think they were duds. Then suddenly they began to grow; thus, the wondrous journey of viewing their various stages of growth began.

One plant was a late bloomer, deciding to bloom after the other two plants. I was actually quite delighted about this, as I could then enjoy more beautiful blooms for a while longer.  I  was also  happy to have one last chance to sketch these blooms before they all fully opened.

I recently purchased the gorgeous book in the above photo, with a gift card from my sons. It makes a beautiful coffee table book with its large size and glossy pages. The title is “Botany for the Artist” by Sarah Simblet. It’s a joy to peruse!

Over the course of several weeks, I took photographs of my Amaryllis plants both in my studio and kitchen. Here are a few to brighten your day!




Proudly bloomed –such a dramatic flower!


One bloom lags behind


Another plant–all red. I love the reflections it makes on our window as well.


Blooms just beginning to unfurl in morning light in my studio.


A fun photo to show the structure of all four blooms.


The grand finale! My last plant in full bloom in morning studio light.

I hope you enjoyed  browsing through this presentation of Amaryllis in various stages and lighting. Now I will have to wait patiently for next year to grow them once again.

I hope your week is rolling along smoothly. We have a blizzard warning in place for tonight and tomorrow. Honestly, I think I will go into hibernation for a while and wake up when  spring blooms finally arrive. lol



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