Day 4 “Playing & Memories”


Finished drawing and subject

Oh I had so much fun playing and exploring with this subject and medium! This sketch brought back old memories from when I was nine years old and taking art lessons. I was actually afraid of my art teacher–honestly, she was quite old and strict.

I use to walk to my art lessons all by myself from home. None of my friends took art lessons. It probably took me about thirty minutes to get there. If it was raining or I was taking a finished painting home,  I would sometimes get a taxi . I had this hounds tooth box that I toted back and forth. There were some days it felt rather heavy when I started painting in oils.

I loved my art practice so much, it didn’t matter that my teacher made me nervous and  that I had to walk by myself. I am so grateful my mom signed me up for these art lessons. There really wasn’t much in the line of fine art in our area at that time.


My tools, vine charcoal stick, kneaded eraser, and dry paint brush.



My subject–I am in love with glass bottles. They are so reflective!









Immersed in these classes is where my love for still life was born. My teacher insisted that we worked in charcoal for a year. She set up still life on little stands and we drew from life. After one year, we graduated to chalk pastels and by the third year we were allowed to start painting with oil paints. It was one of the happiest days of my life!! I fell in love with oils and to this day they are my medium of choice.


The beginning


Finished Charcoal Sketch

For this creative exploration session, I decided to work on a large surface with vine charcoal, a kneaded eraser and a dry paint brush. I added lots of charcoal with a thin piece of charcoal to the drawing in sections. Then as I went along, I either blended the charcoal with my kneaded eraser, dry paint brush or fingers. The highlights were added by lifting the charcoal from the paper with the kneaded eraser.

Because the charcoal is so easy to manipulate and soften, I was able to feel my way in drawing the subtle curved shapes of the bottle. It was easy to make corrections with regards to proportions and shape. Okay this was definitely fun, fun, fun! I have always enjoyed working with charcoal and it was nice to go down memory lane. If you are an artist, I would highly recommend you giving it a try. It was very freeing! Cheers!



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Do you have any childhood memories around creativity? I would love to hear them!

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