Featuring the Iris!

Today's Simple Nature Sketch, NFS, March 31, 2017.

Today’s Simple Nature Sketch, NFS, March 31, 2017.

March 31, 2017

Today’s Simple Nature Sketch

I think Irises present an elegant presence with their stately appearance. They demand attention with their intense rainbow colors and sword-shaped leaves. Both their height and leaves, add to their attractive structural appearance.

An interesting tidbit I came upon, is that they were believed to be named after “Iris”, the Greek goddess of the rainbow.  She personified the rainbow and was also a messenger to the Olympian Gods.

I think Irises serve as a wonderful addition to springtime blooms! They happily join an array of  blooms, rejoicing in the rebirth of the land.

How about you? Do you like Irises?

The iris above and a couple more flowers are part of my newest painting in progress. I just couldn’t resist taking these beauties home when I saw them in the flower shop. I initially purchased one iris, but went back for two more. I will need replacements as I work along on the painting. The thing about working from life is you can bank on the flowers always changing, both in shape and blooming stages. Always  a happy challenge!


My initial bouquet when I came home from the florist.


The set up I decided upon, although the flowers shifted here–there will be more overlapping than shown in my set up.

I love when buds are unfurling! I find the whole process magical and fascinating to watch.  Especially in a time-lapse video. Here are a couple of close up photos of my iris and a time-lapse video of an iris opening. Enjoy!

Side view of iris bud

Side view of iris bud

Close up of petals beginning to unfurl.

Close up of petals beginning to unfurl.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!



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How to Make a Miniature Botanical Wreath


Miniature Botanical Wreath

Today I am posting something a little different. It is a festive post that I hope will brighten up your day.  It is not a drawing or painting.. It is a little handmade wreath. If  you have been following me for a while, you know I love both nature and anything  botanical.

I often find wonderful images and inspiration on Instagram. Recently, I was inspired to try making my own miniature botanical wreath.  Three Instagram accounts that ignited my inspiration were @silverpebble2 , @brayscottage and @gracieflojewellery. My wreath  is approximately 2 and half inches  in diameter.

I loved creating this little wreath! I collected the red dogwood branch and fir while searching for nature pieces for my outdoor festive container. The Hypericum berries were purchased at McKean’s Flower Shop, a local florist. I must say, I love visiting their shop and am always happy when I leave  with a little bundle of freshness.

Here is a bit of information on how I made my wreath.

How To Make a Botanical Wreath

Firstly, collect your desired nature pieces. Here are the materials I used for my wreath.


Materials for Botanical Wreath

You will also need scissors. I had a long piece of dogwood branch and formed it into a small circle then I wove the rest of the length in and out of the circle to create a braided appearance. The branch was actually quite pliable. It became less flexible as I neared the thickest end. I then cut off the end of the branch that I could not weave.

Next I added the pieces of fir with my colored wire. I basically twisted the wire on the back and then cut the excess. Next came the hypericum. These were a bit trickier to attach due to their size. I gingerly used wired on their tiny stems to attach them to the wreath.

Then voila! My little wreath was complete! I then featured it in a photo shoot for images I could use in  future postings on Instagram and facebook. While I was at it I added white ribbon so I could hang it up. I will share that image and information in my next post.

Botanical Wreath and Fairy Lights

Botanical Wreath and Fairy Lights

So it’s your turn now! Let me know if you try your hand at one of these miniature wreaths. I am sure you know that my mind is now in full throttle, visualizing many other botanical wreaths I could create. Let me know if you create one of your own! I would love to see it or hear about your experience.

My instagram and facebook accounts are listed below where you can connect with me as well. If you are on instagram and create a wreath, tag your post “botanicalwreath2016”




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