Painting En Plein Air in Arisaig Park, Nova Scotia

Painting En Plein Air in Arisaig Park, Nova Scotia

Debbie lives with her family in picturesque rural Nova Scotia, Canada. She is mostly self-taught and dedicated to working from life. Her love of nature is evident in her landscape work. Debbie frequently works on location capturing nature’s beauty in small studies and paintings. Since her early childhood years still life painting has been an intense interest. Debbie orchestrates the stage for her props in her studio and paints them from life.

Debbie’s love for literature and human emotion is evident in her lyrical written reflections that accompany her work. They personalize each piece of work, giving insight to a captured moment in time.

Debbie’s work is in collections throughout North America and Europe. She is a member of Canadian Artists’ Representation. Debbie is the founder of a plein air group for artists of all levels in her area called “Nova Scotia Plein Air Painters“. You can view more of Debbie’s paintings and writings on her website. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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