Painting En Plein Air in Grant's Lake, Nova Scotia.

Painting En Plein Air in Grant’s Lake, Nova Scotia.

 Waves and Hello!

Now that I have combined my two art blogs, you will find both my daily simple sketches and finished paintings as well as news here.

Here is the philosophy behind my daily sketches:

For  some time now I’ve  had the desire  to keep a daily (or almost daily) record of accumulative creative output. These creative session would be somewhat like mini meditations. They would be completed in a  short time frame, where I worked on art related activities and explorations that would serve as strong influences on my overall artistic voice. It’s my hope that these artistic snippets, would create both a strong foundation in skills and also enable me to explore without the pressure to create a “finished” product. Hopefully, they will become part of my creative ritual, which over time will enrich all that I do as an artist. Happily my daily Simple Sketches have fulfilled his desire.


Thanks so much for joining me! Please feel free to comment on any of my posts. I always love hearing from you!



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