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Hello! My newest sketch  is posted below and I attached a couple of others I hadn’t posted here yet. oops Fell behind in some of my posting, due to working on my latest painting. If you subscribe to my Newsletter, it was just sent out today!.Hard to believe how quickly February flew by! I hope you are having a lovely week. Thanks for following along with my sporadic posts.

February 28, 2018

Today’s Simple Nature Sketch

I was in need of fresh blooms. While visiting the supermarket, I noticed they were just receiving a fresh supply of lovely florals. Then came the decision of picking which ones I would tote home. Hmmm well an array of pink blooms were just too tempting. I love the color pink in general, but in florals, it exudes a gentle uplifting beauty.

After a lovely chat with the florist, my package was happily wrapped in pretty paper. Blush tulips and these deep pink spray roses were transported to their new home. They are adding a spark of joy on days when the sun refuses to shine. Their presence creates dreams of spring, where birds rejoice and new growth takes over! It’s a waiting game, but fresh blooms always ease impatience.


January 28, 2018

Today’s Simple Nature Sketch

As I mulled through the discount bin, these blooms caught my eye. I loved their antique pink hue and clusters of tiny blooms. Spray roses have always been one of my favorites; holding their own special charm.

These didn’t last long, but they remained appealing even as their petals began to dry. Their color deepened and was paired with foliage that crumbled to the touch. Leaves were whisked away leaving just stems and dried blooms that continued to exude an aged beauty. Imperfection holds a special kind of beauty and surrounds us daily. We just have to make time to observe its existence.

January 26, 2018


Today’s Simple Nature Sketch

They have been taped to my studio wall this past month, others have been stored in our cold room and they continually scatter themselves on the studio floor.  Ilex berries are such a vibrant addition to floral arrangements as their brightly colored berries add that extra pop of color. I especially love seeing them paired with dark greenery and white flowers.

I recently discovered these berries during the festive season at my local florist. I have always loved red berries and these have suddenly become one of my favorite kinds. In my sketch they have begun to dry out, but still hold onto that beautiful red hue. You can be assured, that I will be looking for them next year as well, during the Christmas season!




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