Wax Flowers Sketch & WIP


I can’t believe we are almost nearing the end of January! It seems like just the other day we were celebrating the beginning of 2018. Things have been busy in my studio as I work on a painting I began to conceptualize before the holidays. I even purchased flowers for it and started setting it up, but Christmas preps took priority soooo it turned out to be the first project for 2018.

I am going to go into more depth regarding my process for this one in another post, but for now, am including a few pics of my set up and work in progress. I braided and twisted dogwood branches I foraged. Purchased white roses, ilex berries, myrrh, and ruscus which I am adding at different time points as I go. That way I can work from life and keep my subjects fresh. Although it is very thought provoking, I am enjoying this approach and process.

Thank goodness for painter’s tape and florist tubes. My studio wall has amassed quite a collection! More to come about my journey with this painting!

Today, I returned to my much loved nature sketches.  Not only are they great drawing practice, they act like small meditations for me.  I love the calmness and centeredness I feel while working on these. Only the present moment counts—all else falls away into the distance of my mind. I hope they bring a sense of peace to you as well. xx

January 19, 2018

Today’s Simple Nature Sketch

Purchased before the holidays, these unassuming little wax flowers continue to live on. I have always loved their tiny clusters of waxy petals. There is something so charming about their size and tints of pink in their petals and buds. These romantic blooms are often used in wedding bouquets as a sign of lasting love and patience serving as a symbol of lasting happiness in marriage.

I love setting them out in small vases, scattering little bits of happiness throughout our home. Who wouldn’t smile when you look closely at these special little blooms?



P.S. I love hearing from you! If you have any questions, comments etc. I would be happy to share or answer. Thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!


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