Wax Begonia Sketch & New Work


Somehow,  I have been remiss in posting my latest sketches. Between trying to capture summer blooms in paint and graphite, gardening and keeping up with my blog on my dad, life has been busy! lol  Over the next week or so I will be adding a few of my latest sketches I did not add here earlier. Please forgive my indulgence, as I really want to archive them on my blog.

Most recently, I have been working on a large painting of nasturtiums in my gardens. I feel so grateful to mother nature for providing unseasonably warm temperatures. We have only had a few nights of frost. I have been coddling my nasturtiums, blanketing them every night with sheets! This afforded me the luxury of working from life on my garden painting for as long as I could.

I believe I probably had my last session painting with them in my gardens on Wednesday. I will now move into my studio and continue to work on them there. I have taken digitals for reference, as well as dug some of my nasturtiums up so I could take them inside for a while. They are nestled in trays of earth and a few jars. Hopefully, they will enjoy their new home for a while!

Here are a few pics of my work in progress.

This was as far as I got after a couple of painting sessions. I was working slowly as I studied each flower I painted, capturing its own unique personality. Often, I would walk right up to the flower to study what was happening in its structure.
I had to prepare this large board before I even began my painting–that is another story! It was a bit of a process!

 My subjects basking in the sunshine!

Wednesday’s session outside. It was a beautiful autumn day!

 A close up of how far I was able to get at the end of this session.  I will now continue to work on this piece in my studio.


Today’s Simple Nature Sketch


Nov. 2, 2017

Today’s Simple Nature Sketch

The weather is getting colder at nights and frost has been nipping tender plants.  These wax begonias have managed to survive a few nights of frost with only a few blemishes. Their rose-colored blooms are beginning to fade, but still, add a beautiful contrast to their shiny green leaves.

I have rescued a few from my gardens before the frost completely renders them lifeless. Gently, they were placed in a single pot, huddling together.  Their cheery blooms and greenery now brighten my living room. They have escaped a timely fate, as jack frost stealthily moves over the land in the depths of the night.




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