Happy March and Studio Tulips!

Warning! Fresh paint ...completed today waiting to be signed.

Warning! Fresh paint …completed today waiting to be signed.

I love this time of year when spring flowers arrive in stores, flower shops etc. It makes me feel like spring is on its way. My studio has been adorned with tulips lately, as I tote home bundles in various colors. I have been sketching, photographing and painting them. Needless, to say I am a fan! lol

Here are a few in progress shots of the painting above. I will be adding this painting to my website when I get a good quality photograph of it. Stay tuned!


My subject standing tall and pretty


Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

Notice my subject are quickly waning!

Notice my subjects are quickly waning!

And here is a beautiful bouquet of my favorite color of tulips–blush pink. Loved how the morning sunlight seemed to make them glow so gracefully!

Grace in morning studio light

Grace in morning studio light

Tulip Sketch in the morning

Tulip Sketch in the morning

And that is a Tulip Finale!

Hello March!

Hello March!

I have no idea where the last two months went, but what I do know is  that March takes us that much closer to Spring! The days are growing longer giving more daylight hours. When the time changes, it will seem like we have come out of hibernation!

I found this abandoned nest in a fir tree, while I was hunting for interesting nature pieces. I am tinkering with the idea of including it in a painting. Hmmm…we’ll see, my idea is still brewing.

Wishing you a beautiful and inspiring month ahead. May small signs of Spring, bring hope that the world will awaken in all her glory again!



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