Art With Heart Kindness Project: Daffodils!

Bursts of Sunshine!

Bursts of Sunshine, 5x5in. Oil on linen/board. Painted from life. Available

Available Here

Bursts of Sunshine!

“Like bursts of sunshine, daffodils announce the arrival of new beginnings.”

Debbie Lamey-MacDonald ©

Bursts of Sunshine” is part of my Art With Heart Kindness Project”. When you purchase a painting that is part of the “Art With Heart Kindness Project” you will receive a FREE Heartpass made specifically by Bonnie Cotter for that painting! Once you have your painting and heart on display for awhile, it is my hope that you will then pass along your heartpass to someone you feel in need of an act of kindness. You can even track your heart by registering it online. How fun is that?! You can still journey along with your special heart, knowing that it is making others feel comforted!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, this duo would make a unique and special gift for someone special in your life!


Art With Heart Kindness Project: Bursts of Sunshine! and Free Heartpass on display.

Art-With-Heart-Kindness-Project---Heart for Bursts-of-Sunshine

Free Heartpass that accompanies “Burst of Sunshine!” when purchased.




Today’s Simple Sketch, NFS, April 20, 2016

April 20, 2016

Today’s Simple Sketch

We  have been enjoying a cheerful dish of miniature daffodils the last few days. I picked them up at McKean’s Flower Shop. They just exude happiness with their sunny colors and miniature stature. I wish they would last forever!

When I brought them home, I placed them in a turquoise bucket, which makes them sing a spring song. My son thought they really had a “flowery” scent. I like it; reminds me of all the scents that will be arriving soon when new florals come to life again.

How about you? Have you ever bought these adorable miniature daffodils?



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