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Visual Storytelling: Painting of tulip painted from life on arches oil paper. NFS

An area I have been exploring recently is Visual Storytelling.  I will probably be discussing this topic in more depth in my upcoming Ezine. The other day I had fun experimenting with this concept and created the image above. It is a flat lay in photography terms.

As a starting point, I used the painting I made of a tulip on arches oil paper. Then I added live props, tulips, ribbon and stones. It was  fun designing it and I am excited about using this type of display to showcase more of my work in the future. Stay tuned!


Today’s Simple Sketch, NFS, March 16, 2016

March 16, 2016

Today’s Simple Sketch

Remember the little raccoon button I sketched about a week ago? Well he also had some “Backyard Buddies” that accompanied him. Raccoon enjoyed his modelling session so much that Little Skunk decided he would like a turn as well.

All the other buttons were a little nervous that Skunk was getting excited. After all there is only so much room to move around in that small cellophane button bag. Now we all know what happens when skunks get too excited, so I promised his buddies that he would definitely be next on my list. With this assurance everyone was quite appreciative and I must say Skunk really made an adorable model!

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