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Today’s Simple Nature Sketch, NFS, March 19, 2016

March 19, 2016

Today’s Simple Nature Sketch

A broken tulip top was destined for the compost. Then inspiration struck. There  was still a way its beauty could be enjoyed for a short while.

A small turquoise bowl would be its holder; preserving its beauty.  A little pool of water was carefully poured into its carrier. Gently, the small pink bloom was stabilized. Its zen like appearance is still being enjoyed days later.

Happy First Day of Spring!!

(P.S. The angle I took the photo is a bit different from when I drew it.)


Featured in Antony Millen’s Blog Series: Weekend Name Drop

Featured in “Weekend Name Drop”

Antony Millen, a talented writer from New Zealand and formerly from Pictou County, featured my work in his  weekend blog series.  I thought it was really kind of him to feature both my art and writing!  Antony has also featured other very interesting creatives on his blog as well.

You can read the post I was featured in here.  Also, feel free to browse around Antony’s website to view his published books and other writings. Thanks!



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