Art With Heart Kindness Project

Gardener's Delight

Gardener’s Delight, 3x3in. Oil on linen/board. $65

Painting with Heart Available Here

For the month of  February , I was inspired to share acts of kindness and beauty. Since this month conjures up images of hearts and acts of kindness, I decided to commission Bonnie Cotter to create a few hearts to match a selection of my miniature paintings. Bonnie is known for the creation oh her Heartpasses. Small clay hearts meant to be given to others in need of kindness. Their inception was born from a love for her mother and the desire to stimulate small acts of kindness. You can read her beautiful story here.

When you purchase a painting that is part of the “Art With Heart Kindness Project” you will receive a FREE Heartpass made specifically for that painting! Once you have your painting and heart on display for awhile, it is my hope that you will then pass along your heartpass to someone you feel in need of an act of kindness. You can even track your heart by registering it online. How fun is that?! You can still journey along with your special heart, knowing that it is making others feel comforted!


Here is the Heartpass that was made by Bonnie to accompany Gardener’s Delight. I think she did an awesome job! When you purchase this miniature painting, you receive your heart FREE as part of my kindness project!


Original miniature painting and heart. I painted these geraniums from life and Bonnie made the from clay by looking at my painting for inspiration.

I recently met with Bonnie to pick up my commissioned hearts. We had a great meeting and are planning on getting together in the near future to brainstorm more ideas regarding our creative union!

Join us in the “Art With Heart Kindness Project” and make a difference in someone’s life!

From Our Hearts to Yours,

Debbie and Bonnie


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