Day 11 Drawing Challenges

A sketch I did a couple of years ago of a mandavila’s shadow on my screen door.

One of my goals is to try to fit small sessions of drawing into my days. This isn’t always easy due to the demands of life, but it is amazing how even a few minutes on a consistent basis can make a difference in your observation and technical skills.

I am subscribed to an online drawing community, headed by Paul Foxton. Besides the regular lessons provided by Paul, he also sets a monthly challenge. May and June were dealing with Mandalas.

May mandala

May Mandala

In May we tried our hand at drawing simple or complex mandalas–these were really enjoyable and didn’t feel forced.

June Mandala using notan

June Mandala using notan

In June we continued to draw mandalas using notan. It was amazing how one design could look so much different when selected areas were shaded in.

This month we are drawing little bits of nature after spending about five minutes observing our subject. I am really enjoying this month’s challenge. My goal is to not miss a day–we’ll see how I do! I thought I would take one of the drawings from each day and make a digital collage with them in the end.



If you would like to get back into a drawing practice, why not take a few minutes to draw bits of nature or mandalas?! Both are really enjoyable. Let me know how you get along or post some of your drawings in your comment. Cheers!



P.S. Paul also has a wonderful and informative blog you might like to read as well.

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