Day 10, “Little Bursts of Sunshine!”

Okay, I am officially in withdrawal from lack of vegetation and getting out on location! Although the days are getting warmer and melting has begun, we still have piles of snow. So when I saw these little beauties in the grocery store I snapped them up and toted them home.


Of course they would have to be painted! They reminded me of little bursts of sunshine. I loved their cheery presence on my window sill in mid afternoon. My segment of painting time would be short as the light would not stay constant for long.

I chose a new size surface for me–5×5 in.  It was a perfect size to use to paint these miniature daffodils. I used Terra Rosa oil paint to give a thin wash of color on the overall surface. Then I began to feel my way through the placement of the flowers with a small brush the same color on a wet surface.


I was able to paint the flowers and background before the light really began to change. Now I just have to wait for the next sunny day to continue bringing my subject to life in paint! My session was like therapy today–bringing  joy and sunshine into my day.


A neat shot I took of the daffodils from outside!

Hoping these cheerful little daffodils make you smile today as well!



2 thoughts on “Day 10, “Little Bursts of Sunshine!”

    • Debbie Lamey-MacDonald says:

      Thanks so much Ed! I am really looking forward to painting out on location again. Wishing you bright sunny days too!

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