Day 10, “Little Bursts of Sunshine!”

Okay, I am officially in withdrawal from lack of vegetation and getting out on location! Although the days are getting warmer and melting has begun, we still have piles of snow. So when I saw these little beauties in the grocery store I snapped them up and toted them home.


Of course they would have to be painted! They reminded me of little bursts of sunshine. I loved their cheery presence on my window sill in mid afternoon. My segment of painting time would be short as the light would not stay constant for long.

I chose a new size surface for me–5×5 in.  It was a perfect size to use to paint these miniature daffodils. I used Terra Rosa oil paint to give a thin wash of color on the overall surface. Then I began to feel my way through the placement of the flowers with a small brush the same color on a wet surface.


I was able to paint the flowers and background before the light really began to change. Now I just have to wait for the next sunny day to continue bringing my subject to life in paint! My session was like therapy today–bringing  joy and sunshine into my day.


A neat shot I took of the daffodils from outside!

Hoping these cheerful little daffodils make you smile today as well!



Day 9, “Get Ready Set Go!”

Between appointments and life obligations, I got off course with my postings. Today was an exceptionally busy day, but I still wanted to get back in touch with my creative ritual habit. Soooo tonight I seized the moment while supper was cooking.


All the males in my house know how much I love fresh flowers. I love setting them up in my kitchen in various glass containers. The other day my son Brett, came home with a little bunch of tulips for me. They were different from the ones I usually see in the stores. I loved how their white base color was accented with purple swirls. I took one bloom and placed it in a dish that mimics the Ikebana art form.


While I was waiting for supper to cook, the early evening sun was shining directly on my tulip set up. I love placing flowers on the window sill because I know they will be affected by the light in various ways throughout the day. Well this really appealed to me tonight and I knew I didn’t have much time before the light would disappear. Sooo it was ..Get Ready, Set , Go! …if I was going to capture a quick study of this tulip!


Not too long ago, I had dug out a box of old chalk pastels I had since my  college days. (Which of course was not too long ago! Wink, Wink! ) I decided to play with them for my sketch.




 I used Arches Oil Paper for my support and added a wash of oil paint for the background. Although messy, I really enjoyed working on this little sketch.  Using my old pastels brought back childhood memories. My art teacher had insisted we use charcoal for a year and then in the second year, we had to work with chalk pastels. I remember rolling up my creations, placing an elastic band on the tube and proudly taking them home. I was ten years old.


Not the best photo, but you get the idea. 😀

This sketch is certainly not a masterpiece, but by taking the time to work on it, I observed nuances in color and value that I may have missed without close observation. Taking the time to explore and observe, definitely helps to prepare for more involved work with the same subject at a later date.

Have you worked on Arches Oil Paper? Love to hear your experiences or thoughts!