Day 3 “A Surprise Bloom”


This orchid was a surprise bloom on a miniature orchid given to me when I retired from teaching last June. I honestly didn’t think it would ever bloom again! I decided it would make a great subject for one of my creative ritual sessions!


I started my sketching time with a blind contour drawing which helped me get acquainted with my subject. Then, I did a couple of sketches of the orchid in preparation for a possible miniature painting in the near future. I like the second sketch better and would use that angle if I painted the orchid.

While I worked on the blind contour sketch, I noticed that my eyes definitely wanted to go faster than my hand. They wanted to race ahead sometimes, especially when I came to a somewhat straight line–like a long stem.  My brain would say “Hey a straight line, let’s motor along quickly”. So I had to catch myself and really pay attention to what I was truly seeing, not what I thought I was seeing.


After I finished my sketching session, I placed the orchid on my window ledge. Suddenly, I realized the shadow from the orchid made a really neat pattern on the sheers directly beside it. Hmmmm this could make another interesting sketch on another day. Interesting how once you start playing, more ideas begin to generate. Definitely a good reason to make your artistic play occur on a frequent basis!



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